Author Topic: (DISCUSSION) #020 Stephen Hawking's Rainbow Unicorn  (Read 185 times)

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(DISCUSSION) #020 Stephen Hawking's Rainbow Unicorn
« on: June 24, 2017, 09:12:50 PM »
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. -2Ti 2:15
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Re: (DISCUSSION) #020 Stephen Hawking's Rainbow Unicorn
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2017, 09:13:27 PM »
KJV Only​9 min?

Christopher Johnson​starting in 10 min...

KJV Only​Ok

KJV Only​What's the topic for today?

Christopher Johnson​

KJV Only​Oh ok

KJV Only​Sorry

anvilhauler engineering​__LOL

Christopher Johnson​I don't even know what the topics are; if that helps.

KJV Only​I have a question

KJV Only​Should I go to college?

anvilhauler engineering​__That's an incredibly difficult question for anyone else to answer :-)

KJV Only​I just finished high school but I heard a lot of Christian's opinion on the subject.

KJV Only​I just want you guys opinion

Christopher Johnson​If I was the pope, I could clearly answer that question for you, but since I'm not, it's not my business.

anvilhauler engineering​__Out of interest, what are you thinking of studying?

KJV Only​I was thinking of becoming a dental hygienist but I'd rather not deal with biology classes

KJV Only​So that only leaves engineering

KJV Only​Civil engineering but feels like a waste of time

Virtuous Desires​Hello everyone, present.

anvilhauler engineering​__All seem like good options. Do consider the costs involved in study though and whether it is a financially sound decision. I'm an engineer with a biological sciences degree.

anvilhauler engineering​__Hi Ben.

KJV Only​Yea I did consider that and it's totally not worth for me to spend 5 years to become a civil engineer

Virtuous Desires​has it started?

anvilhauler engineering​__What is considered Stephen Hawking speaking quite likely isn't. Due to the voice device thay can have him saying anything.

KJV Only​Yes

KJV Only​Maybe refresh?

KJV Only​I know right?

Virtuous Desires​okay, got it.

KJV Only​How can people even believe that guy is the one speaking behind the device?

anvilhauler engineering​__A friend of mine discovered Britain. Sure there were people already living there, but my friend discovered it.

anvilhauler engineering​__It is estimated that Stephen Hawking died in 1985.

Psxpert Sylph​hi'

anvilhauler engineering​__Hi Eric.

Virtuous Desires​hey Eric.

KJV Only​What?

anvilhauler engineering​__Lots on the internet about "Stephen Hawking".

KJV Only​I think I read that

anvilhauler engineering​__Money tree = no longer a gold standard. Just print more money.

Virtuous Desires​It wasn't a rock, it was a rock lobster?!

KJV Only​Just deny God and you're a credible scientist

anvilhauler engineering​__Yes, the red shift is nonsense.

Psxpert Sylph​has mankind existed long enough to have such knowledge?

anvilhauler engineering​__186,000 miles/sec

anvilhauler engineering​__186,000,000 miles/sec

KJV Only​Are you guys using a right angle to measure the distance?

james skovorodin​Gab

KJV Only​Yes james?

anvilhauler engineering​__It is an isoceles triangle. Cut it in half and you have two right angle trianges.

james skovorodin​How are you doing?

KJV Only​Good

KJV Only​Oh two right angles?

KJV Only​I want to see a sketch

Christopher Johnson​

james skovorodin​You should remove that picture

anvilhauler engineering​__As the spacecraft speeds up the mass will increase and then the propulsion system won't be powerful enough.

james skovorodin​I'm talking about your profile pic, Gab

anvilhauler engineering​__Chris has written a good article exposing the fallacy of measuring distance to stars etc.

KJV Only​Thank you

anvilhauler engineering​__They should have read up on Einsteins law. We see the law is true when we accelerate electrons in CRT tubes etc.

Psxpert Sylph​Steven is still dreaming or ese Earth would have spaceships everywhere by now!

Psxpert Sylph​ far space travel exist only in (CG) movies

Cathi Jennex​joining late...BC appreciates you

anvilhauler engineering​__Compared to the land area the earth is very unpopulated.

Virtuous Desires​charity

Psxpert Sylph​*"human"

anvilhauler engineering​__LOL. The world isn't running out of resources. What resources are they talking about? Note that they don't mention that.

KJV Only​Lol

Virtuous Desires​just pull up a population map.

Psxpert Sylph​lie

Psxpert Sylph​the world is larger that you know

Virtuous Desires​of the United States. There's population density maps.

anvilhauler engineering​__Yes, try getting a doctor or pharmacist to do a rural placement. They all want to only live and work in big cities.

Virtuous Desires​Chris, theres people that want to leave the city and are so to speak trapped.

Psxpert Sylph​BIG THINKERS get awards.... awards for WHAT??

Psxpert Sylph​do we have those mars rocks are they RED?

anvilhauler engineering​__Red filter on the front of the camera ... out in the desert .... where they film it.

Psxpert Sylph​ill have to argue that witchcraft is not really fiction and they lie about it

KJV Only​Good point

Psxpert Sylph​you can also argue that the stories NASA tells us about space travel "true" when it's really fiction

Psxpert Sylph​I know Harry Potter is fantasy yet we are aware witchcraft is dangerous and real

KJV Only​2 Thessalonians 2?

anvilhauler engineering​__The genome of mankind and every other living thing is on a direct downward spiral. It only gets worse and never better.

John Cena​Ain't no such thing as space.

John Cena​Earth is flat. dumbas

Virtuous Desires​At least spell right John.

anvilhauler engineering​__No, earth can not be flat. We actually covered all of that nonsense in a previous discussion.

Psxpert Sylph​I wouldn't really mind the earth being flat(literally) but theirs no proof

Psxpert Sylph​no sustancial evedence

John Cena​the bible says earth is covered by a "Firmerment" that's the DOME that covers the FlatEarth

Psxpert Sylph​(see, I cant spell either) XD

Psxpert Sylph​the bible never says anything about a dome either

anvilhauler engineering​__Lots of proof the earth is spherical. Explain why when at the poles you just see the sun going around the horizon in a circle.

Psxpert Sylph​the mentions the earth being a circle

John Cena​Look up "Firmerment" separating the earth from the waters

KJV Only​Why does that even matter? Whether the Earth is flat or not?

Psxpert Sylph​believing either flat or globe isn't the determining factor for your salvation

KJV Only​It doesn't pertain to the gospel

Virtuous Desires​This was discussed in the forums.

Psxpert Sylph​I gotta go, take care all

John Cena​because the ATHIESTS want to make us feel unimportant.. like we are in the middle of nowhere and don't matter

anvilhauler engineering​__In a circle in the summer that is. Then how can it still be light at the other end of the earth. Also look in to the sky and see which direction the stars rotate.

Virtuous Desires​See you later Eric.

KJV Only​Well why do the atheists even matter?

KJV Only​The Bible calls them fools

John Cena​Instead of God's special creation with a great destiny

anvilhauler engineering​__The firmament before the flood is a very interesting subject though.

anvilhauler engineering​__LOL. Checking out the stars. Yep, that's a star alright.

John Cena​space was created by hollywood nerds

John J. Johnington​Sleep paralysis is demonic possession or CIA

John J. Johnington​I used to wake up in the middle of the night paralysed and see shadow people

Virtuous Desires​Sleep paralysis is just chemistry I believe.

John J. Johnington​I have proof it's cia

anvilhauler engineering​__Yes, that sleep thing sure is a bit of a scary phenomenon. Just remind the powers that be that they were defeated by Jesus' blood shed on the cross.

anvilhauler engineering​Thanks Joshua

John J. Johnington​Look up a documentary from the 1990s called the lucifer helmet

John J. Johnington​Its a TLC documentary where a government scientist demonstrates his ability to project sensations and hallucinations into his subjects brains

John J. Johnington​The subjects describe seeing "the outline of a human being"

John J. Johnington​He used electromagnetic signals similar to those in our brains
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. -2Ti 2:15
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