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FAQ for Sat Night G+ Hangout
« on: June 24, 2017, 01:48:07 AM »
Q: Can I join?
A: Only active participants in our church can join. We can't trust any random person we don't know on a live recording. If you want to know how to join our online church group, read THIS POST.

Q: How many people can join?
A: G+ Hangouts only allows ten people. The host and myself recording the session makes two, so that leaves only eight open slots. For this reason, if you don't plan on talking during the call, do not request to join. If you don't plan on joining in the discussion, you can watch live on Youtube, and join in the live chat there.
Also, do not join if you are in a place where you cannot talk. This most often occurs when someone tries to join from a public WIFI location, such as a coffee shop or library. These places either prevent the participant from talking, or there are too many distractions and it disrupts our conversation. (i.e. Please use your reasoning and be considerate of others.)

Q: What is the topic going to be?
A: We have requested the host keep that hidden until the hangout session. The reason for this is because often, the conversation becomes static when people start looking up articles and topics beforehand, and we want it to be a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where we can talk from our Scriptural understanding and personal experiences. Anyone can look up a topic in a search engine, so we don't want regurgitated information from a search engine; just wait for the hangout session, and let it be a surprise.
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