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Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduce myself?
« Last post by chosenbyJesus on Today at 06:38:36 AM »
An amendment to the first part of my introduction...I hear Christopher talk about pagan Christian churches that say come as you are & people stay in that condition whatever it is, but I did repent of my old ways when I made my decision to follow Christ in 1992 and whenever I screw up today. I confessed them to Jesus Christ and as far as I have read in God's word He is exactly who I needed to confess to, not man. The misuse of giving a testimony in the form of public speaking today for profit is not biblical.
Introduce Yourself / Introduce myself?
« Last post by chosenbyJesus on Today at 05:55:43 AM »
My name is Diana. I was born and raised in a middle class family in Chicago, Illinois. I was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith but most of my family were heavily involved in the occult/illuminati WORLDWIDE. I spent the earlier part of my life as a non practicing Catholic and after a series of tragedies by the age of 18, I became an atheist.  My life will be summarized in a book at some point when I figure out how I can sue the individuals who hijacked my life right now for their OWN profit because  I want to leave my grandchildren an accurate history of what happened to their grandmother by the unseen forces that have taken over the lives of many people not just mine. So I won't go into too much detail in this introduction. By age 22, in 1992, I was newly married to an abusive drug addict & alcoholic husband that enlisted in the United States Navy with one child. While working as a waitress in the evenings at an Italian restaurant, one of my bosses witnessed to me & invited me to her church on the island. My marriage was so bad and I couldn't tell anyone what was going on in my life because I didn't know what to do or how to deal with it so I kept going to church were I felt loved, safe, protected and cared for. Shortly thereafter, I heard God's voice and answered HIS call for my life to be a Born again Christian. A decision I NEVER REGRETTED. I was water baptized in Glorietta Bay in Coronado, CA by my pastor from Living Waters Christian Fellowship. At the time I didn't know the difference between a fundamentalist Christian and a pagan Christian. Now I do. And from my studies in the King James Bible I'm clearly a fundamentalist Christian no question. I had to sanctify myself within the past 5 yrs from the Christian ways I learned as a baby Christian. It was not easy but now my eyes are open, wide open. I do not attend any of the government infiltrated INFRA GUARD churches that spy on their congregants. I have had quite a whirlwind of a life within the past 5 yrs as a satanic ecumenical cult has sought me out to conquer my life while using every dirty trick in the book to do so. Turning everyone I know and used to know into government paid spies to lure me out into public so I can be assaulted by a gang stalking operation meant to portray me as a mental case while they are deliberately causing mischief to get me to react as the cameras are rolling. A real life stasi program. So, I keep to myself, I have no friends (rightly so) since all my friends are now on the side of this satanic conspiracy to get me to "do something" that is not of God. God says in HIS word not to trust any man & I don't. Those whom I trusted broke that trust by helping agents of satan profit off of my life against my will and who LIED to me. I wish I could post an introduction that is flowery and full of wholesome goodness but then I would be LYING. The past 5 yrs of my life are beyond any hollywood film and still have me speechless, unable to speak. In my disabled state, I go to websites like this to grow in my faith and to search the scriptures to see if what I hear is true. When I first found Creation Liberty Evangelism videos on youtube, I connected with Christopher Johnson immediately because he was confirming what I knew was happening all around me but because the mind control is so pervasive and scientific now most people aren't even aware they are under that money spell but after hearing Christopher's teachings in his earlier videos it blessed my soul to know that I was not alone in my observations of this devilish conspiracy that has invaded everyone's life uninvited. Well, I know this introduction may not be standard or similar to others but I have books to write in the future for my grandchildren to know the truth about what happened to me, their grandmother, the real truth, not the manufactured lies of profiteers & vengeful people who meant to cause me harm for their own profit. So, I hope this will suffice if not, I pray Christopher or whomever monitors this will let me know.

I'm no longer the mind controlled slave that drank the satanic kool-aid of pagan Christianity and I never plan on ever going back to being that either. So I pray that Christopher can review his earlier videos to remember who he was as the wolves in sheeps clothing are gonna come out of the woodwork to CHANGE him in all that he does.

In His Service,

What's New @ CLE / Re: (DISCUSSION) #037 Miley Cyrus Preaches The Truth
« Last post by creationliberty on October 21, 2017, 09:15:52 PM »
Live chat

Christopher Johnson​Starting in 15 min...

Eric M​hi all

Slix​Hi Eric

Wheless _​hello people

Eric M​welcome

anvilhauler engineering​__Hi Eric, Hi All

Eric M​hey Kevin

Eric M​_ (I have to start typing a "_" when I chat,lol

Slix​That is exactly how John the baptist did it... Where is the sanity or the Biblical precedent for that matter.

Eric M​"Biblical Understanding of Bathtism" to some

Eric M​to the common church-goer it's BATH-tism convertion to Christianese religion

Tien Tran​hey guys

Eric M​it's my understanding that one is not converted to Christianity by "works" or rituals of dunking themselves in water because of a decision, one has to first repent to be saved

Eric M​hey Tien

Slix​Slapping my forehead because I cannot believe my ears

anvilhauler engineering​__The pop singers are just going to so enjoy the tribulation.

Eric M​lol, don't slap your ears atleast XD

anvilhauler engineering​__Masquerading as an angel of light.

Tien Tran​yeah satan is not anto lavay

Slix​Where does the Satan has horns and a tail idea come from?

Wheless _​catholicism

Slix​where did catholicism get it from

Tien Tran​i turned from that junk praise Christ

Wheless _​imaginations of there minds

Eric M​[message retracted]

Tien Tran​like a worm

Eric M​religious nuts go here >>>

Eric M​there's a youtube video on some bible the excretes oil

Slix​I can't believe my ears. These articles sound wholly unreal.

Eric M​I cant post the link but you can search it later, there be lying signs and wonders that will deceive many

anvilhauler engineering​__There's no shortage of deluded people in the world.

Wheless _​i don't think we needed this article to know that miley cyrus is demonically possessed

Tien Tran​they are subtle

anvilhauler engineering​__I guess I'm lucky but I don't actually know who this person is but I'm assuming they are a pop singer.

Wheless _​don't worry about who they are your life is so much better not knowing hahah

Tien Tran​she is not wroth ur time

anvilhauler engineering​__I hear people talking about names and in the news all the time but it goes right past me because I don't watch movies or ever listen to music.

Christopher Johnson​

anvilhauler engineering​__I love the smell of the bakeries around town.

Slix​So basically they are saying if people want to lose weight they should cut off their noses because people are like mice

Eric M​"mmm, PUKE" :Q

Eric M​there are people who dumpster-dive for food...

Eric M​I understand that has nothing to do with dunken-doughnuts...

Slix​i think that whoever funds these people has money to waste. the money could have been better spent feeding the poor.

Wheless _​i'll have to get continue this when i get off, by all

Eric M​government grants are given away all the time using your money..

anvilhauler engineering​__Smell and "taste" are the same receptors. Real taste is only sour, bitter, salty, sweet & umami. Wipe out the sense of smell and all eating is mainly texture.

Eric M​private businesses aren't the ones wasting their money on this research

Eric M​unless its to get return investments

Eric M​"Rant session!"

Slix​Got to go.

anvilhauler engineering​__Bye Slix.

Tien Tran​bye

anvilhauler engineering​__The true paper trail of documentation would reveal the truth of the matters.

Eric M​"media circus"

anvilhauler engineering​__And that ends this weeks update of crazy news. LOL

Tien Tran​do you think it was God's judgement towards them

anvilhauler engineering​__The establishment of facts is always important.

Eric M​they maby native American but they aint no Braves"

Eric M​all the Braves are dead

Eric M​and that's sad...
What's New @ CLE / (DISCUSSION) #037 Miley Cyrus Preaches The Truth
« Last post by creationliberty on October 21, 2017, 09:15:12 PM »
Introduce Yourself / Re: Julian Smith living in The Netherlands
« Last post by TonyaJ on October 20, 2017, 01:38:20 PM »
 I want to just simply say ditto. I totally agree with what Tim and Chris said. I have remain silent in the situation first of all because I really like Masha,  and consider her to be a friend and pray for her often. But secondly, because Julian feels unwelcome because of his own lies. That breaks my heart. I hope Julian will allow the Lord to help him remove the pride from his heart and see his lies for what they are, and join us on this journey. The Lord welcomes those that are truly repentant. And so do we.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Julian Smith living in The Netherlands
« Last post by Jeanne on October 20, 2017, 10:48:20 AM »
Javier, did you read the agreement you signed when you joined the forum and the message at the very top of every page in the blue header (right hand side) that says:

Newly registered members will have their accounts deleted if they do not make a post in the Introduce Yourself section within 48 hours

Before posting anywhere else, please introduce yourself so we know who we're talking to.
What's New @ CLE / Re: (ARTICLE) Halloween: Are Christians Lovers of Death?
« Last post by Suelong88 on October 20, 2017, 10:35:47 AM »
"Happy Harvest!"  Come let your little ones dress up as demons to beg for poison!!  Because after eating cereal for breakfast, pizza and fries for lunch, and chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for dinner our kids really need MORE SUGAR!!!  Well, I guess if they have skittles they're "eating the rainbow".   ;)

In all seriousness, every time I read this I get more angry!  People are living in denial.  And Christians, or "professed" Christians who participate in this stuff just make me mad.  Are you serious?  You want to glorify demons?  How is any of this edifying Christ??

Introduce Yourself / Re: Julian Smith living in The Netherlands
« Last post by JavierCoats on October 20, 2017, 07:57:11 AM »
I think that this discussion has gone into a wrong direction, don't you agree with me? In my opinion, Chris handled the matter correctly.
What's New @ CLE / Re: (ARTICLE) Halloween: Are Christians Lovers of Death?
« Last post by CHOSENBYJESUS on October 20, 2017, 01:51:20 AM »
I pray my daughter will print 5 pgs of the tract on halloween to pass out. Thank you for creating this website to help anyone who wants to serve Christ in a tangible way. Praying for all this ministry does. God bless
What's New @ CLE / Re: (ARTICLE) Wolves in Costume: Michael Landon
« Last post by creationliberty on October 18, 2017, 02:14:17 AM »
The News section at the top of the page states:
Newly registered members will have their accounts deleted if they do not make a post in the Introduce Yourself section within 48 hours.

Also, the registration agreement you signed states:
All newly registered users must make at least one post within 48 hours of registering, or their account will be deleted at the earlier convenience of a moderator. We also require new members to visit the "Introduce Yourself" section and let everyone know who you are by telling us a little about yourself.
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