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Introduce Yourself / hello im back
« on: August 13, 2017, 09:03:47 PM »
hello my name is billy, once known as strangers mind. I currently live in the usa America in wa for the summer and in texas in winter.  but am making a move to the Philippines to teach the churches the truth.  I been going to church most of my life and would call my self a Christion.  but I truly found Christ few years ago when he open my eyes to the truth.  now my life is dedicated to teach others the raw truth. I'm 33 years and lived hole life in America. I spend hours a day in research and bible study. you can say it is an obsession.  I currently do not go to a building that people call church. this is do to most have ask me to leave do to my tough questions that rain on there worldly party. I was starting to make videos for youtube to teach the truth intel I came across Christophers videos and was so happy because some one els is out there who eyes are open.  so god sent me to Philippines to spread the truth to the churches.   my move will happen at 31st of this month so coming on here will be a challenge in its self. do to internet is not so stable. please pray god will open the church eyes there thank you god bless

General Discussion / great pyramid mystery solved?
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:44:59 PM »
since I was a kid I was always fascinated with the great pyramid.  I have heard every theory that is probably out there. but all of them seem to fall short on explanation. I think I finally solved the mystery. 

I hate when people try to explain there theory by giving some little evidence filled with a lot of talking to indoctorate the listener to there believe. I want raw evidence to the claim, so I will do the same here.  there is no other tomb on earth like it.

so this tomb is no other than joseph the coat of many colors. 

evidence to bring me to this
no hyroglifics on the wall filled with spells made for a king (because he was no Egyptian)
2nt tallest because he was like a smaller king
secured to keep him safe from tomb robbers like never been seen or found since
empty from everything when finally broke into because moses came in to take him and all his stuff
the tunnel that has been clamed to go into the pyramid was where they came in to get him

this is my theory that seems to answer many of the questions that go with the mystery.  so like to hear what every one thinks   


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