"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."
Ephesians 2:8-9
We're at a point where there are a percentage of letters that ask similar questions, and instead of having to write the same thing over and over, so it would save time to write it once, so everyone can read it. If you have any specific questions that are not listed on this page, please contact us here.

-Can you help me find a church in my area that's NOT 501c3?
-We want to start a non-501c3 church, but how do we open a bank account in our church's name without 501c3?
-It sounds like you do your recordings with a live study group, how do I join?
-Is there a phone number I can call and talk with Chris?
-I want to volunteer to help this ministry, what can I do?


Can you help me find a church in my area that's NOT 501c3?
I would first like to return a question: How would I go about doing that? Think about that for a moment, how could I, with so little support, funding, and resources, possibly find church buildings that are not registered 501c3 in some distant land? I've been asked by people in Texas and California, one-to-two thousand miles from where I live. I hope folks don't take this too offensive, but I think many of the people who write that question to me don't take time think about what they're asking first, and I think many lazy Americans just want McDonald's-drive-thru help (i.e. "gimme, I want it now"), instant gratification without having to do any work themselves.

The reason I say this, and I say it so sharply, is because I haven't even found an unleavened, non-501c3 church in my own area, let alone someone else's. Often, most of you will NOT be able to find a non-501c3 church building in your area, and even if you do, they're often leavened. Sadly, because of this, people go right back to the 501c3 church buildings, and try pleading with their pastor instead, which is a near-futile cause because he's already leavened and blinded to the truth.

There are two options I'm aware of for those of you who know the truth about 501c3 and want to stay Biblical on the matter. The first option is to try to listen to your pastor and his cohorts excuses every week until they finally ask you to move on somewhere else because they're sick of hearing it, and I'm NOT saying it's guaranteed that they'll react that way, but they will 99% of the time, and many people who write me put so much faith into their pastor and their elders to do the right thing, thinking they know them, when I'm trying to warn them that they've signed legal contracts that denounce the Lord Jesus Christ, so we have to wake up and come to a realization of who we're dealing with in these church buildings. (i.e. There are issues of leaven that caused them to get 501c3 in the first place; 501c3 is a symptom, not the cause.)

The second option is to start up your own church, just like we did. (The audio teachings in the link at the top of our articles are recorded during our Sunday teachings with our church.) We did ours online over skype simply because there is not much desire for hearing the truth of the Word in this area, so we decided to extend our reach. People often struggle with this because they think they need buildings and pastors and all the typical churchianity staples, but that's not the case. Here's some articles you might want to read on the subject first:
"Is the One-Pastor Church System Biblical?"
This will explain more of how the church buildings have adopted the temple-style of the Roman Catholic concept of a "church," and have abandoned the methods laid out for us by Christ's Apostles. This subject of starting your church is really a simple one, and only takes two born-again Christians to start it, which is why apostles were sent out in pairs.

This subject gets a little more difficult for women, and for that I recommend reading this:
"Can Women Teach in Church?"
The Bible is very clear that women are not to be in teaching authority over men concerning Biblical instruction in the church, and they are not given authority to be elders either, which we prove that directly from Scripture in the article. At the same time, if a woman gets understanding of this, and wants to work to start something new, she can always share this information with men, and pray the Lord Jesus Christ will send her a group to start up with, being in submission to Christ instead of the IRS.

If anything, this is a great opportunity to visit a wide variety of churches every Sunday morning, with copies of this article printed out in hand. You can go in, ask to speak to the pastor or elders, ask them if they're 501c3, and when they say "yes," then you can respond: "I'm sorry, I don't want to join a church that's denounced the Lord Jesus Christ through their contract," and when they look confused, you can hand them a copy of this article to read, sharing the truth with others, and then that will plant seeds that will help grow a non-501c3 church in your area.


We want to start a non-501c3 church, but how do we open a bank account in our church's name without 501c3?
I would first like to return a question: Why do you need a bank account in your church name? Typically the answer they will give is this: "In case someone wants to write a check, who do they make it out to?" This question actually has more underlying implications than most people realize, so let's get to what's really going on here.

First, let's ask the question: Did Christ's Apostles start up bank accounts in the name of the church of each area? No, and for a couple of reasons, the first being, there were no banks, and the second they didn't have a need for it.

The real reason so many people have written me asking me about this is because there are some other unbiblical things they want to do, and the main reason is because they still want to take tithe. I would highly recommend reading this article:
"Is Tithing a Biblical Requirement?"
This article will demonstrate how pastors across America are teaching false doctrine and lying to congregations everywhere to put them back under the old bondage of the law, simply so they can make more money. The article will also give more details about how the "storehouse tithing" sermons got started in America only in the late 19th century, and that was to get a particular church out of the unbibilcal debt they got themselves into.

What these folks really want is to collect tithe and hand out paychecks to certain people, and to gather money to build a building, but the Apostles never did those things. The Apostles gathered money only when there was a specific need to help certain people or fund those who were traveling out to evangelize and preach the truth. I'm not saying that if someone is laboring in the Word, and teaching on a regular basis, that Chrisitians aren't supposed to help support them, rather the opposite, they should, but at the same time, checks can be written specifically to the target individual, which also keeps people more involved in their giving.

Some folks object and say they're just doing it to build a building because they need one, but are we to assume that everyone is your church group is homeless? The early Christians met in their homes, which should already be bought and paid for, and they didn't have an official buliding to meet in with signs out front with cutesy phrases on them because they were being hunted and killed by Jews and Romans, and this continued for many centuries afterwards because they have also been hunted and killed by Muslims and Catholics, and they can't just put out a big sign of where they're located.

The bottom line of this question is that people are always looking to make more money, and in addition to that, they are simply following the traditions of men that have been laid out for them by the church buildings they've previously attended. If you don't want to be like 501c3, then don't be like 501c3; meet in your homes just like the early Christians did, and teach the truth, not seeking after filthy lucre, just like the early Christians did in the book of Acts.

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
-Colossians 2:8


It sounds like you do your recordings with a live study group, how do I join?
It is correct that we do our Bible study teachings live with a group of Christians in our church over a Skype call. If you want to join us, I answer how to do so on our forum, which you can read by clicking here: http://creationliberty.com/forum/index.php?topic=222.0


Is there a phone number I can call and talk with Chris?
For the time being, no. I do not give out my cell phone number. Our church knows first hand that if I had given out my phone number to certain people who asked for it, I would still be harassed by them to this day.

There's some Christians out there who think, "If I email him and tell him my story and that I believe on Christ and believe like he believes, then he'll give me his phone number." That's because they don't understand that some of the very people who are harassing Lorraine and I today have said that very thing to me when they first wrote me, so we're cautious, and we don't judge at face value.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
-John 7:24

However, I have talked over Skype with a number of people, and that's a more secure way of communication for me right now; folks have to email me their Skype info (username) so I can add them, and a time/date (with time zone) they want to meet up with me so I can make time to be logged in. Skype is free and easy to use, and you can click here to download it; all you need is a working microphone (webcam is optional but not neccesary).

If anyone does decide they want to contact me to speak over Skype, please read carefully: DO NOT write me (like most people do) and say "whenever you want" -- SET A TIME/DATE (INCLUDING TIME ZONE), and I'll do my best to get back with you. If you cannot follow these instructions, you will not hear back from me, and I have ignored many people in the past who have done this. I have talked with thousands of people, and I have come to learn that if someone can't read a couple of paragraphs and follow very simple instructions, talking with them about more complex issues is a complete waste of time. (i.e. How can they understand enough to talk about the teachings on our website if they can't read and understand this simple paragraph?)

Since I've put up these standards, we've had a lot less contention from people who try to contact me over Skype. Typically, people who just like to fight and harass are lazy, and they don't like to read instructions, so that helps us avoid them. :)

I have been contemplating the idea of getting a Skype number, which would allow people to call in with their phones and talk with me. I would have to set up "office hours" when I would be available to take calls, but the problem with that is the yearly fee we have to pay to have it, and I don't think we have the funding (or demand) yet to make it worth while.


I want to volunteer to help this ministry, what can I do?
Everything we currently need help with is listed out on our "Support" page, which you can read here: creationliberty.com/support.php I try my best to keep that updated with news about what's going on with us, and a list of what we currently lack.

There is a problem I need to mention with people who write me to volunteer their help. In most cases, I receive a letter that's worded something like this: "I am a (insert job title), I have a degree in (insert career path), and I want to help." So why is this a problem?

What happens is that a man writes me wanting to help in the particular fashion that he decides he wants to help. He's not offering to help in the way I have already stated that we currently need; he only wants to help in one specific way that we don't need right now, and sadly, once they realize we don't need those skills at this time, in every instance I can recall over the years, they depart and we never hear from them again.

I'd like to take the opportunity to point out how selfish this is, and I realize my saying that will upset some people, but this ministry is about truth. Let's look at some examples. I once had a man tell me how much he could help my "research team" (which was funny because I do the research by myself) with his long-term military experience, but as soon as I explained to him that I didn't need that help right now, and that we already have multiple current and former military personnel in our church group, he cut off communication with me and I haven't heard from him since. (i.e. I'm sure he has a unique perspective that he can share, but it's not a need I have right now.) What's even worse is when he (just as many other have) told me that it was the calling of God for us to work together, which means either he's a liar, or he rejects the calling of God, both of which are very bad.

The man wanted to help, but he didn't want to help in the way we needed, he only wanted to help in the way he personally desired, and this is only one of many such instances I've run into over the years. This is like if you were to go to a homeless man to offer assistance; the homeless man has a lot of clothes, but no food, yet you insist on offering him more clothes; it's not helping him in the way he needs.

If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?
-James 2:15-16

I would much rather any of you give food and clothing to those in need than to help us out; I believe that's a more important work for the Lord Jesus Christ, however, the issue is that if a man expresses desire to fulfill a need, but then does nothing, what good does that do? If the Lord God gives a man conviction to help someone, but that man refuses to help them with what they need, that's selfish, and when a man talks about his conviction to help a ministry, but doesn't want to help fulfill what they need, he's a liar. (i.e. They really sought to fulfill their own desires and/or recognition, not to analyze the needs of others.)

I don't have problems with people that don't want to help us with what we need; that doesn't bother me, and our materials are available for free to them. It bothers me when people say they want to volunteer and help, but could really care less about what we need.

Another example: A man wrote us and told me he was an artist, and wanted to send me a package of his artwork he was going to make specifically for our articles, and after a couple of months, he sent me another letter saying he was going to send me this artwork package. However, from the time I'm writing this (fall 2016) that was over two years ago since I last heard from him, which means he's a liar, and although some people may object to say that something dire may have happened to him or his family, which I can totally understand and I hope is not the case, nonetheless, it doesn't take away from the fact that he gave his word and did not keep it (i.e. a lie).
(Read "God Does Not Justify Lies?" here at creationliberty.com for more details.)

Here's the bottom line folks: If you want to help, review the things we need on our support page, and figure out a way you can help. You don't need to write me a bunch of promises you may not keep, just find a way to help; get the work done and show it to me if you want. Just consider this: I didn't write any of you asking you how I could help; I just did the work (I wrote, researched, coded, edited, created audio and video, and much more), and if I just waited around for people to give me permission to start doing something, I wouldn't have a ministry, website, and church today.

Some people have even helped us in ways we didn't list out on our support page, but they also didn't write us to just tell us about it or ask us about it, they simply did the work, and sent it to us. For example, we had someone make us a CLE app, and I thought that was incredible because I hate apps and smart phones, but many people use them, so some guy I'd never heard from in my life created the program, uploaded it to places like Google and Android, and made it available to everyone which was far more than I could have asked for. Another guy just mailed us a bunch of high-quality video equipment to make seminars with, and some other women just started sending me full-length typo/spelling corrections to help out with the editing process. None of them asked me to help, they just did the work, sent it to me, and they were far more helpful than I could have ever imagined, and those who are of most help to me and my wife are those that simply pick up and do the work that needs to be done.
(Read "The Christian Work Ethic" here at creationliberty.com for more details.)

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